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Ramin Karimloo Net Worth

Ramin Karimloo Net Worth
Net Worth $2.1 Million
Birthdate Sep 19, 1978
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession Actor & Singer
Nationality Canada

What is Ramin Karimloo Net Worth?

Iranian-Canadian actor and singer Ramin Karimloo reportedly has a net worth of $2.1 million. The September baby of 1978, born in Tehran, Iran, has been very instrumental on one of the biggest London West End stages. He also had the pleasure to be a part of two of the longest musicals in the history of the West End stage, “The Phantom of the Opera,” and “Les Misérables.” Further making his mark and space more concrete in the world of theatrics, Karimloo was seen in the role of Andrew Lloyd Webber in his production “Love Never Dies.

In 2014, Karimloo finally made his much-awaited debut on Broadway in “Les Misérables,” receiving a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical. His abilities transcended the lasting impact he had made with that icon, gracing the stage in productions like “The Pirates of Penzance,” “Miss Saigon,” “Secret Garden,” and “Evita,” to mention but a few. Not content with just being part of performances, Karimloo continued to turn his talents to the release of his first studio album, “Ramin,” in 2012, which hit the UK charts at number 16. He was also seen in 2013 trying his acting skill on the small screen, having a guest role as Costas on the television series “The Spa.”

Ramin Karimloo Net Worth

FAQ about Ramin Karimloo Net Worth

1. What is Ramin Karimloo Net Worth?

  • Ramin Karimloo Net Worth is estimated to be $2.1 million. As an Iranian-Canadian actor and singer, he has achieved success both on stage and in the music industry.

2. When was Ramin Karimloo born?

  • Ramin Karimloo was born on September 19, 1978, in Tehran, Iran.

3. How tall is Ramin Karimloo?

  • Ramin Karimloo stands at 6 feet (1.83 meters) tall.

4. What is Ramin Karimloo’s profession?

  • Ramin Karimloo is an actor and singer known for his performances on stage in musical theater productions.

5. What are some notable roles Ramin Karimloo has portrayed on stage?

  • Ramin Karimloo has graced the stage in iconic roles such as the Phantom in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera,” Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables,” and as the Phantom in “Love Never Dies.” He has also appeared in productions like “The Pirates of Penzance,” “Miss Saigon,” “Secret Garden,” and “Evita.”

6. What recognition has Ramin Karimloo received for his performances?

  • In 2014, Ramin Karimloo earned a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables” on Broadway.

7. Has Ramin Karimloo released any music albums?

  • Yes, Ramin Karimloo released his debut studio album titled “Ramin” in 2012, which reached #16 on the UK charts.

8. Has Ramin Karimloo appeared in any television series?

  • Yes, Ramin Karimloo had a recurring role as Costas in the television series “The Spa” in 2013, showcasing his acting talent on the small screen.

9. What is Ramin Karimloo’s cultural background?

  • Ramin Karimloo has an Iranian-Canadian cultural background, having been born in Tehran, Iran, and later establishing his career in London’s West End and on Broadway.

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Quick Summary

  1. Discusses Ramin Karimloo, an Iranian-Canadian actor and singer, with a net worth of $2.1 million. Born in 1978 in Tehran, Karimloo has won a name by playing in London-based musicals on the West End, predominantly “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Misérables.” He debuted on Broadway with the musical “Les Misérables” in 2014 and was rewarded with a Tony Award nomination for this performance. Karimloo has been featured in several other productions and debuted his very first album, “Ramin,” in the year 2012. In addition to it, he has appeared in a role for television series titled “The Spa,” which was recurring. Major roles performed by him and included in the FAQ section are those which he performed in Les Misérables and The Phantom of the Opera. This section includes details about his net worth, birthdate, height, profession, awards, music albums, television serials in which he appeared, and his cultural background.



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