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Kat Timpf Net Worth

Kat Timpf Net Worth
Net Worth $2.2 Million
Birthdate Oct 29, 1988
Profession Television personality

What is Kat Timpf Net Worth?

Kat Timpf is one of the renowned conservative television and radio personalities. She has gained recognition as a columnist and stand-up comedian, and is worth $2.2 million. She has appeared on several shows on the Fox News Channel and was very prominent. Most remarkably in 2015, she joined the team of regular panelists on the show “Gutfeld!” and also landed a position on the late-night comedy news show, “The Nightly Show,” as a co-host. In 2017, Timpf was named a co-host of “Fox News Specialists,” the short-lived afternoon program with Eric Bolling and Eboni K. Williams. Additionally, she serves as the host of “Sincerely, Kat,” a show on Fox Nation that made its debut in 2019.

Kat Timpf Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, on October 29, 1988, Kat Timpf was always fond of reading and writing since her early years. Somehow, her writing directed her occupation into the journalism and media fields. She started her education in Hillsdale College, which is known as an elite private conservative Christian institution. When studying in that very place, Timpf was busy with the school newspaper and got quite good experience as a reporter for such editions as the Palm Beach Post, the Washington Times, and Investor’s Business Daily. Her dedication and hard work culminated in the attainment of a Bachelor of Arts degree in English upon her graduation.

Career Beginnings

Upon graduation from college, Timpf moved to Washington, D.C., embarking on a professional career in media. Her big break came when she got the job of digital editor in the conservative news outfit, The Washington Times. In that capacity, she covered all topics—politics, policy, culture—all within her beat.

Fox Broadcasting

She joined Fox News Channel in 2015 and has since been quite prominent among conservatives. She is also a regular guest host on the late-night talk show “Red Eye w/ Tom Shilliue.” Previously, Timpf was a regular on various programs of Fox News, which include “America Live with Megyn Kelly,” “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” “Fox & Friends,” “The Five,” and “Outnumbered.” In 2015, she became part of the show “Gutfeld!,” airing on weekdays, with Joanne Nosuchinsky after Greg Gutfeld roped her in for an episode of a live television segment that both of them recorded. Following Nosuchinsky’s departure in 2016, professional wrestler Tyrus stepped in as the other regular panelist. Moving into 2017, Timpf continued hosting the afternoon news and talk show “Fox News Specialists” with Eric Bolling and Ebony K. Williams. Unfortunately, it’s cut short its run in four months, after which Fox fired Bolling over allegations of sexual misconduct. In mid-2019, Timpf started her own show on Fox Nation named “Sincerely, Kat.” Sincerely, Kat in this platform got the opportunity to discuss the most varied subjects in the areas of politics, culture, technology, social media, and personal stories of her life. In addition to her work on the small screen, Timpf co-hosts the weekly Fox News Radio podcast “Tyrus and Timpf” with Tyrus, who is her co-panelist from “Gutfeld.”


Kat Timpf Net Worth

Timpf has contributed widely to her career as a columnist to a number of publications. Some of the publications that she has had her contributions regularly included the Orange County Register, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Investor’s Business Daily, and International Business Times. Timpf has also contributed her writing talent to the National Review. However, in late 2018, one of the columns she had written for one of these publications was publicly retracted for misrepresenting the facts of a University of Missouri students’ sexual harassment case. Following this incident, Timpf authored a book titled “You Can’t Joke About That,” which saw its publication in 2023.

Other Media Appearances

Throughout her varied media career, Timpf has held roles such as news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio and worked as a reporter for Total Traffic Network in Santa Ana, California. From 2016 to 2017, Timpf also worked as a contributor blogger for the website Barstool Sports and hosted a weekly podcast of her own, “The Kat Timpf Show.”

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Timpf is recognized for her talent in stand-up comedy. Still in 2015, her comic skills served her well at Comedy Central in “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore,” a late-night panel talk show, because of her comic skills. In addition, her humor has also been featured on the morning drive radio show at 98 Rock in Baltimore, Maryland.

Personal Life

That summer of 2020, Timpf made up his mind to get married and was engaged to Cameron Friscia; next spring, the wedding was held.

FAQ about Kat Timpf Net Worth

  1. What is Kat Timpf net worth?
    • Kat Timpf net worth is estimated to be $2.2 million.
  2. What is Kat Timpf known for?
    • Kat Timpf is known as a prominent conservative television and radio personality, columnist, and stand-up comedian.
  3. Which shows has Kat Timpf appeared on?
    • Kat Timpf has appeared on various shows on the Fox News Channel, including “Gutfeld!” and “Fox News Specialists,” as well as hosting her own show, “Sincerely, Kat,” on Fox Nation.
  4. What is Kat Timpf’s educational background?
    • Kat Timpf attended Hillsdale College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
  5. What other media roles has Kat Timpf held?
    • Apart from television, Kat Timpf has worked as a columnist for several publications, a news anchor for NASA’s Third Rock Radio, and a reporter for Total Traffic Network.
  6. Has Kat Timpf authored any books?
    • Yes, Kat Timpf authored a book titled “You Can’t Joke About That,” published in 2023.
  7. What is Kat Timpf’s personal life like?
    • Kat Timpf got engaged to Cameron Friscia in 2020, and they were married the following year.

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Quick Summary

  1. Kat Timpf ranks among the wealthiest media personalities in the Conservatives, with a net worth of $2.2 million. She was born on October 29, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan, and did her graduation in journalism from Hillsdale College. She first plunged into her career as a digital editor at the Washington Times and later entered Fox News Channel in 2015. She appeared in different programs of the network and rose to be recognized as one of the hosts of “Fox News Specialists.” Timpf also hosts “Sincerely, Kat” on Fox Nation.
  2. One of the most classical cases of advice at a middle distance between the mind and the reality is found in the recent one by movie director, author, and columnist, Dinesh D’Souza. Timpf has also made media appearances other than working for the outlets, such as a hosted podcast on Barstool Sports, and appearances on Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.” She got engaged to Cameron Friscia in 2020 and the couple got married in the same year.



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