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Savitri Jindal Net Worth

Savitri Jindal Net Worth
Net Worth $28.2 Billion
Birthdate Mar 20, 1950
Nationality India

What is Savitri Jindal Net Worth?

“Savitri Jindal has accumulated a net worth of $28.2 billion from her stake in the Indian mining industry,” is a concrete statement falling within the realms of reality and not far from the estimated statement. But apart from her amazing financial standing, she has been pivotal in different sectors: she served as the president of Maharaja Agrasen Medical College, held membership in the INC political party, In addition, her dalliance with politics had her elected to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha, the legislative assembly for India as back as 2005.

How Savitri Jindal got into the big time in the mining and steel world starts with one event in great change—a sudden, untimely death of her husband, O.P. Jindal in 2005 in a tragic helicopter crash. This tragedy—it just had to serve as a pivotal event in her life. Majority control of the well-respected O.P. Jindal Group, since then growing to be famous for business associated with steel and power, landed in her lap by inheritance. From there, she has been very skillful to sail the conglomerate in the hardest economic waters, consolidating herself as a most powerful force in the mining and steel industry.

Her leadership, shrewdness, and deep commitment helped her enlarge, not just to hold her late husband’s legacy.

It is her strategic vision and business acumen that have ensured that the O.P. Jindal Group scales new heights and furthers the status of the company as a powerhouse in the mining and steel sectors. Over and above have been her corporate endeavors that underline her multi-pronged impact on Indian society: the contributions to healthcare and, if we may add, even politics. Basically, the journey of Savitri Jindal has been one that epitomizes resilience, determination, and making of good hands at managing the complexities that come around business and public service. Her legacy forges on, even through death, to mould not only the mining industry but also the rest of the world; indeed, it speaks volumes about the powerful nature of leadership that exacts change.

Savitri Jindal Net Worth

Early Life

Savitri Jindal is born on 20th March 1940 in Tinsukia, Assam, India, into a Hindu Marwari family from the northern-Indian state Rajasthan. She got married in the 1970s to Om Prakash Jindal, commonly recognized under the abbreviation O.P. It was Jindal who conceived and set up the vision for many successful business ventures, like Jindal Steel and Power, JSW Group, and Jindal Stainless Limited—all under the flagship of Jindal Organization. Savitri Jindal displayed excellent business acumen and took an active part in her husband’s business pursuits. The tragic death of her husband in a helicopter crash on March 2005 brought her to the table of leading the family enterprises.


Following the death of her husband, the O.P. Jindal Group underwent a restructuring, and the assets were divided among the four sons. As they got older, she became the chairperson, hands-on in every operation of the business, advising where need be to her sons who were directors of the firm. The company has quadrupled its earnings since she took the helm, a development described as a brilliant stewardship. Consequently, she became one of the wealthiest people in India. She took over the conglomerate that runs in the steel, power, mining, oil, and gas sectors, and remained profitable under the management of her children.

Parallel to her corporate success, Jindal embarked on a thriving political journey. In the year 2005, following the footsteps of her late husband, who had been a stalwart in the same legislative body, she secured a seat in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha from the Hisar constituency. Reelected in 2009, Jindal finally won the ministerial berth in Haryana Government in the year 2013 with the honing of political skill by then. Her portfolio included some major, responsible departments like Minister of State for Revenue and Disaster Management, Consolidation, Rehabilitation, Housing, Minister of State for Urban Local Bodies, and Housing.

Her induction into the Haryana cabinet in 2013 as the minister for urban local bodies was seen as a move that would provide a filip to the representation of women in key decision-making roles within Indian governance circles. Jindal’s prolific political background firmed up her appointment, pitching her as a veteran choice for the role.

She is also the president at Maharaja Agresen Medical College, an institution established by her late husband in the year 1994. The college from the Agroha, Haryana, India enjoys the affiliation from the Medical Council of India. The re-election of the president for another term, the most recent being in 2021, just showed how much commitment she had in the growth and development of the institution.

Personal Life

Savitri Jindal was married to O.P. Jindal in the 1970s, but she had not mentioned the exact date of her marriage. Through this marriage, they were blessed with nine children, whereby four of them were sons, while the remaining five were daughters. Unfortunately, he expired in the year 2005. She has then instilled leadership positions for her four sons within different parts of the O.P. Jindal Group in order to ensure continuity and growth of the same.

Savitri Jindal Net Worth

FAQ about Savitri Jindal Net Worth

1. What is Savitri Jindal net worth?

  • Savitri Jindal Net Worth of $28.2 billion, firmly establishing her as the wealthiest woman in India and one of the most affluent individuals globally.

2. What roles does Savitri Jindal hold besides her financial success?

  • Beyond her remarkable financial standing, Savitri Jindal serves as the president of Maharaja Agrasen Medical College and holds membership in the INC political party. She also has a significant presence in the Indian mining industry.

3. How did Savitri Jindal’s political journey begin?

  • Savitri Jindal’s political engagement led to her election to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha, the legislative assembly of India, back in 2005. She represents the Hisar constituency and has been re-elected several times.

4. How did Savitri Jindal rise to prominence in the mining and steel industry?

  • Savitri Jindal’s ascent to prominence began with the unfortunate demise of her husband, O.P. Jindal, in a tragic helicopter crash in 2005. She inherited majority control of the O.P. Jindal Group, consolidating her position as a formidable force in the mining and steel sector.

5. What contributions has Savitri Jindal made to the O.P. Jindal Group?

  • Savitri Jindal has not only preserved but also expanded upon the legacy left by her late husband through her astute leadership and unwavering dedication. She has propelled the conglomerate to new heights, solidifying its status as a powerhouse in the mining and steel sector.

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Quick Summary

  1. Born on 20th March 1950 in Tinsukia, Assam, India, Savitri Jindal is an influential figure in the Indian mining industry, currently holding the staggering net worth of $28.2 billion and is thus the richest woman in India. She hails from a Hindu Marwari family and, today, is married to Om Prakash Jindal, an industrialist who has highly successful businesses such as Jindal Steel and Power.
  2. With the untimely death of her husband in 1950, she assumed the reins of the O.P. Jindal Group, one of the most renowned groups in steel and power. And under her leadership, the company flourished four times. Other than the corporate careers, she continued to politics with a very successful political career by joining the Haryana Vidhan Sabha and even went ahead to be a minister. Other than that, Jindal also chairs the Maharaja Agresen Medical College, which she has made substantial contributions to in healthcare.



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