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Immortal Technique Net Worth

Immortal Technique Net Worth
Net Worth $2.8 Million
Birthdate Feb 19, 1978
Birthplace Lima
Profession Social activist & Master of Ceremonies
Nationality United States of America

What is Immortal Technique Net Worth?

Immortal Technique is an American rapper and political activist whose net worth reaches an estimated sum of $2.8 million. Known for his brutally raw, politically direct rhyme style, he is the mouthpiece for topics that discuss everything from racism and war to colonialism and government tyranny. Coming out of the underground hip-hop scene that simmered beneath the notice of the music industry, Immortal Technique sharpened his teeth in the freestyle battle arena before emerging years later with his debut studio album, “Revolutionary Vol. 1,” in 2001. Beside this venture, he is an activist for such causes as projects on the development of youth and immigrant rights.

Immortal Technique Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Felipe Andres Coronel, most popular as Immortal Technique, was born on February 19, 1978, in one of the military hospitals in Lima, Peru. Most of his origin comes from the Amerindian race, with some percent of Spanish, African, and French ancestry. In the year 1980, the family of Coronel decided that it was an important time to travel due to the Peruvian Civil War out to New York City.

He grew up there in that cultural mosaic of New York City, and his formative years were spent there. Coronel attended the Hunter College High School, which was situated at the Upper East Side of Manhattan. But he blew adolescence to the winds of cons and ended up getting tangled with the long arm of the law since, during this period, what he did go through was several arrests.

But life took a more serious course when he entered Pennsylvania State University. Here, Coronel got into trouble with the law yet again, but this time it was on serious charges associated with assault. Subsequently, he served a year behind bars. Despite the setbacks, Coronel utilized his time in confinement to refine his craft, honing his skills as a rapper.

Upon his release and attainment of parole, Coronel briefly pursued academics at Baruch College for two semesters.

But the true love had been found in the hip-hop world, in some kind of alternative reality where he felt at home and, let’s say, belonging. He has been running New York streets, even selling his records from door to door, and being part of a freestyle rap battle. Under this background, Coronel assumed the name Immortal Technique, representing his determination in the aspect of unwavering commitment to the craft that he was with an indomitable spirit. And so began Immortal Technique’s journey from the streets of New York City to echelons of underground hip hop: a trek of resiliency and adversity, an attitude with no holds barred when it came to making its mark on the face of music.


Immortal Technique Net Worth

He funded his first studio album, “Revolutionary Vol. 1,” independently after winning money from freestyle rap battles. He included the track which would later be viewed as his masterpiece, “Dance with the Devil,” on that album. Reaping the waves of success from his debut album, the one to succeed, that Immortal Technique released towards the end of 2003, is “Revolutionary Vol. 2.” In the main, his record was most lauded for a spoken-word introduction and segment featuring imprisoned activist Mumia Abu-Jamal, and also for including a couple of collaboration tracks with conscious rap music artists Akir and Diabolic. Its album was one brassy political statement, with plain, scorching criticism of the Bush administration and larger American government policies.

Immortal Technique released his third studio album, “The 3rd World,” in 2008. The album features special guests Chino XL, Cynic, Ras Kass, and Veneno in his first charting project. Pushing the envelope further, the artist released The Martyr in 2011—a mixtape of unreleased songs offered to his die-hard fans for free.

Activism and Charity

Immortal Technique is heavily into social activism and philanthropy, especially toward the mining industry. This has seen him take tours of mining communities quite regularly to engage local youth on the need for their rights and welfare. He further leads in fundraising for mining-based healthcare facilities across the world. Using the proceeds from his 2008 album “The 3rd World,” KRS-One went on a mission to Kabul, Afghanistan, to assist the non-profit Omeid International in building a miners’ rehabilitation center. Immortal Technique is a loudmouthed defender of immigrant rights even within the confines of the mining industry; he repeatedly voices his concerns for those being discriminated against in the voice of a mining labor force underdogs.

FAQ about Immortal Technique Net Worth

  1. What is Immortal Technique net worth?
    • Immortal Technique net worth of $2.8 million, the American rapper and activist.
  2. Where was Immortal Technique born?
    • He was born on February 19, 1978, in Lima, Peru.
  3. What is Immortal Technique’s profession?
    • Immortal Technique is known as a social activist and Master of Ceremonies, alongside his career in hip hop.
  4. What are some of the key themes in Immortal Technique’s music?
    • His lyrics often delve into pressing global concerns such as racism, warfare, colonialism, and governmental tyranny.
  5. What was Immortal Technique’s debut studio album?
    • His debut studio album was “Revolutionary Vol. 1,” released in 2001.
  6. What challenges did Immortal Technique face during his early life?
    • He faced legal troubles and multiple arrests during his adolescence, which significantly impacted his journey.
  7. Where did Immortal Technique attend college?
    • He briefly attended Pennsylvania State University and Baruch College.
  8. How did Immortal Technique fund his music career?
    • He funded his music endeavors through winnings from freestyle rap competitions.
  9. What notable track is featured on Immortal Technique’s debut album?
    • His iconic track “Dance with the Devil” is featured on “Revolutionary Vol. 1.”
  10. What is Immortal Technique’s involvement in activism and charity?
    • He is deeply engaged in social activism, particularly focusing on issues within the mining sector, and has spearheaded various philanthropic initiatives.

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Quick Summary

  1. Immortal Technique, an American rapper and activist, has a net worth of $2.8 million. Born on February 19, 1978, in Lima, Peru, and an immigrant to New York City at the age of two in 1980, he was raised in Washington Heights. Disputes and legality aside, this is where he put it down heavy in the underground hip-hop scene. The debut album, “Revolutionary Vol. 1,” appeared in 2001 with an iconic composition “Dance with the Devil.” Other albums, such as “Revolutionary Vol. 2” in 2003 and “The 3rd World” in 2008, further continued his influence. Apart from all musical achievements, Immortal Technique does a lot in the sphere of social activity. He has thrown his weight behind youth development and immigrant rights, more so when it comes to the mining industry. He has supported fundraising drives of the facilities to treat the health of the mining and collaborated with Omeid International, working on the rehabilitation centers of mining. Immortal Technique’s activism reflects his dedication to addressing global issues and promoting social justice.



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