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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth
Net Worth $22 Million
Birthdate Jun 13, 1990
Birthplace High Wycombe
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession Actor
Nationality United Kingdom

What is Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth?

English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has a combined net worth of $22 million with his wife, director Sam Taylor-Wood. That is to say, Taylor-Johnson will be called one of the greatest actors in the industry for his outstanding work in many of the great, well-known movies. Among them, there are “Kick-Ass,” “Kick-Ass 2,” “Nowhere Boy,” “Anna Karenina,” “Godzilla,” and “Nocturnal Animals.” Long before those achievements, his way to conquer heights of fame and success in Hollywood has started. This was the time when he was playing teenage characters in movies like “Shanghai Knights” and “The Illusionist.” But it was not only the silver screen where Taylor-Johnson showed his talent. We also had the pleasure of watching him in some British TV series, such as “Talk to Me” and “Nearly Famous.” However, for his private life, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is known from that side mostly for his family, where he is a loving husband to Sam Taylor-Wood. Their story began in 2009 when Sam Taylor-Wood directed Aaron in “Nowhere Boy,” where despite the age gap of 23 years (Aaron at 18, and Sam at 42), the two began to have feelings for each other. This finally culminated in the couple’s wedding in 2012, and since then, they have had together a beautiful family of four daughters—two of them, Sam’s. In January of 2017, Aaron Taylor-Johnson would, yet again, underline just how talented he is, as he went on to be awarded the Golden Globe for his outstanding performance in the movie “Nocturnal Animals,” further solidifying his place as one of the best in the history of acting.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth

Early Life and Education

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was born on June 13, 1990, in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, to Sarah and Robert, who were a housewife and a civil engineer, respectively. He was brought up with a sister, Gemma. In his adolescent years, Johnson studied at Holmer Green Senior School before joining the Jackie Palmer Stage School.

This is because he tried drama, singing, jazz, and tap at the stage school from 1996 through 2008, developing his art in performance.

Television Career

He first got the chance on television in 2000, then appeared in The Apocalypse and, a year after, he played Young Lorimer Black in Armadillo. His career in television continued with episodic roles in series such as “The Bill” and “Family Business.” In 2004, he was also in the regular cast of the series “Feather Boy,” based on the novel by Nicky Singer.

Taylor-Johnson further showed his magic with roles in episodes of “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” and “Casualty” in 2006, but it was 2007 when he really made his career in television mark a crucial year. He took a leading role in the four-part ITV series “Talk to Me,” the E4 teen mini-series “Nearly Famous,” and the BBC television film “Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars.”

Personal Life

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth

In 2012, Taylor-Johnson married filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood, whom he met on the set of her film “Nowhere Boy” in 2009 when he was 18 and she was 42. The couple has two daughters, and Taylor-Wood has two stepdaughters.

FAQ about Aaron Taylor-Johnson Net Worth

1. What is Aaron Taylor-Johnson net worth?

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson net worth of $22 million, which he shares with his wife, director Sam Taylor-Wood.

2. What are some notable movies that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has starred in?

  • Taylor-Johnson has delivered exceptional performances in acclaimed movies such as “Kick-Ass,” “Kick-Ass 2,” “Nowhere Boy,” “Anna Karenina,” “Godzilla,” and “Nocturnal Animals.”

3. How did Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s career in acting begin?

  • His journey to stardom commenced with early roles as a young teenager in films like “Shanghai Knights” and “The Illusionist.” He later transitioned to British television with appearances in series such as “Talk to Me” and “Nearly Famous.”

4. What recognition has Aaron Taylor-Johnson received for his acting talents?

  • In January 2017, Aaron Taylor-Johnson won a Golden Globe for his remarkable portrayal in the movie “Nocturnal Animals,” solidifying his stature as one of the finest actors of his generation.

5. Where and when was Aaron Taylor-Johnson born?

  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson was born as Aaron Johnson on June 13, 1990, in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

6. What is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s educational background?

  • During his teenage years, Taylor-Johnson attended Holmer Green Senior School before furthering his education at the Jackie Palmer Stage School, where he honed his skills in drama, singing, jazz, and tap.

7. Could you tell me about Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s family life?

  • In 2012, Aaron Taylor-Johnson married filmmaker Sam Taylor-Wood, whom he met on the set of her film “Nowhere Boy” in 2009. They share two daughters, and Taylor-Wood has two stepdaughters from her previous marriage.

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Quick Summary

  1. Overviews Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who is the popular English actor, with sections that cover his career, net worth, personal life, and early background. It quotes his hits in the box office, which include “Kick-Ass,” “Nowhere Boy,” “Godzilla,” and “Nocturnal Animals.” He is estimated to have a net worth of $22 million with wife-director Sam Taylor-Wood. The story also brings out his win at the Golden Globe Awards with the “Nocturnal Animals” in 2017 and his origins in the industry with an early role in feature films and television shows. The film goes deep into the life of Taylor-Johnson, focusing primarily on his marriage to Sam Taylor-Wood and family life with four daughters.



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