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Recap of ‘The Walking Dead Michonne’s Journey

The Walking Dead

Following the dramatic events of season 9 of The Walking Dead, where a Civic Republic Military helicopter whisked her husband away from a collapsing bridge, Michonne has been steadfast in her quest to locate Rick Grimes and reunite him with their children. This mission has been the focal point of her journey ever since. However, it wasn’t until the closing moments of the latest episode of The Ones Who Live, the new spinoff series centered around the long-lost couple Rick (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (played by Danai Gurira), that Michonne finally succeeded. The episode concluded with a heartwarming reunion between the two characters after eight years of separation.

In episode 2 of The Ones Who Live, titled “Gone,” viewers will delve into Michonne’s experiences following the events of The Walking Dead and her relentless pursuit of Rick. Whether you missed Gurira’s final appearances on the parent series or simply need a quick recap of Michonne’s storyline, our comprehensive Rick & Michonne timeline recap has got you covered.

Here, we’ll dissect all the crucial details surrounding Michonne’s journey and her pivotal role in the narrative.

Why Did Michonne Depart from The Walking Dead?

After eight seasons portraying the katana-wielding warrior, Gurira bid farewell to The Walking Dead in the season 10 episode “What We Become.” Michonne embarked on a mission to Bloodsworth Island, Maryland, seeking weapons and munitions to support the survivors in their battle against the Whisperers. During her journey, she stumbled upon a boat containing Rick’s belongings: his cowboy boots and a cell phone. (Viewers later learned in The Walking Dead season 11 episode “Rest in Peace” that Rick had hidden his bag on this boat during his escape attempts from the Civic Republic’s army.)

Among Rick’s belongings, Michonne discovered a logbook detailing the boat’s voyage from Tampa Bay, Florida, to Hopewell, Virginia, and its final recorded position before running aground: Bridgers Shipyard in New Jersey. Contacting her daughter Judith Grimes via walkie-talkie, Michonne informed her of the discovery, referring to Rick as “the Brave Man.” Although uncertain of Rick’s fate, Michonne was relieved to learn he had not perished at the bridge.

Judith encouraged Michonne to pursue the possibility of Rick being alive, urging her to search for him. Michonne faced a dilemma, torn between the desire to reunite with Rick and the responsibility she felt towards her community. Ultimately, she chose to embark on a journey northward in search of her long-lost partner.

What Group Has Michonne Joined in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead

While journeying between Virginia and New Jersey, Michonne encountered two individuals, Aiden and Bailey, who were lagging behind a vast caravan of survivors traveling with horses and carriages. Aiden expressed concern that the group wouldn’t wait for them, prompting Michonne to lend a hand in helping the pair catch up. The reasons behind the caravan’s strict adherence to their schedule are later revealed in The Ones Who Live.

Was a Child Born to Rick and Michonne on The Walking Dead?

Nineteen months had passed since Rick and Michonne brought an end to their conflict with Negan and his Saviors. During this time, they dedicated themselves to realizing the vision of a “new world” that Carl Grimes had imagined before his tragic demise. While Michonne worked diligently on drafting a charter to establish laws for the survivors, Rick took charge of overseeing the construction of a bridge. This bridge was not only a physical structure but also a powerful symbol of unity, connecting the various communities that had come together under their leadership.

In the ninth season episode titled “Warning Signs,” Rick proposed an additional means of building for the future: starting a family. However, shortly after this discussion, Rick’s fate took a dramatic turn when he vanished and was presumed dead following a catastrophic event at the bridge. The narrative then leaped six years into the future, revealing the aftermath of Rick’s disappearance in the episode “Who Are You Now?” It was during this episode that viewers were introduced to the newest member of the Grimes family: Rick “RJ” Grimes Jr., the son of Michonne and Rick.

When Did Michonne Become Pregnant on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead leaped forward six years after Rick was whisked away by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and the CRM, largely skipping over Michonne’s pregnancy. However, in the ninth season episode “Scars,” a pregnant Michonne is seen searching for Rick’s body during a flashback to about eight months after the bridge incident. It’s during this time that Michonne encounters her old college friend, Jocelyn, who ultimately betrays Michonne by raiding Alexandria’s infirmary, stealing their food supplies, and kidnapping the community’s children — including a young Judith.

What’s the Mystery Behind Michonne’s “X” Scar?


When Michonne and Daryl finally caught up with Jocelyn and the children she had taken from Alexandria, they discovered a horrifying truth. Jocelyn had indoctrinated the kids into a twisted cult, teaching them to hunt and kill others without remorse, marking their victims with an “X” before taking their lives. In a desperate bid to save Judith and the other abducted children, Michonne and Daryl were forced to fight back, ultimately having to take down Jocelyn’s savage followers.

The ordeal left Michonne and Daryl physically and emotionally scarred, with Michonne choosing to isolate herself and the Alexandria Safe-Zone for the next six years, grappling with the trauma of what they had experienced.

Who Exactly is “The Brave Man”?

Michonne and Judith stayed connected through long-range walkie talkies as Michonne embarked on her quest to find Rick. However, as she ventured further away, she eventually went out of range. Communicating with call signs “Daitō” (meaning “long sword”) and “Shōtō” (meaning “short sword”), Michonne and Judith affectionately referred to Rick as “the Brave Man.” RJ, their son, adopted the moniker “Little Brave Man” in tribute to his father.

Quick Summary

  1. Determined Quest for Reunion: Michonne embarks on a determined quest to find her husband Rick Grimes after he disappears in Season 9 of The Walking Dead, driven by her unwavering determination to reunite their family amidst the chaos of the apocalypse.
  2. Facing Challenges and Forming Alliances: Throughout her journey, Michonne faces various challenges and forms alliances with other survivors, navigating the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world while searching for clues about Rick’s whereabouts.
  3. Balancing Family and Community: As Michonne grapples with the responsibility she feels towards her community, she must also balance her desire to reunite with Rick and their children, making difficult choices and sacrifices along the way.
  4. Heartwarming Reunion and Symbol of Hope: Michonne’s perseverance ultimately leads to a heartwarming reunion with Rick in the spinoff series “The Ones Who Live,” serving as a powerful symbol of hope and resilience in the face of adversity, and reaffirming the enduring strength of their bond amidst the turmoil of the apocalypse.



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