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Lottie Tham Net Worth

Blank Woman
Net Worth $4.1 Billion
Birthdate Apr 18, 1949
Profession Businesswoman
Nationality Swedish

What is Lottie Tham Net Worth?

Lottie Tham is one of the key faces in Swedish business and an heiress to the tune of $4.1 billion—surely somebody who cannot be overlooked as part of the picture in relation to fashion retail. Born in 1949 and based in Stockholm, Sweden’s center, Tham’s influence spans much wider than her family relationship to the famous H&M brand, in which she has over a 5% ownership stake.

Her ancestral link is very well integrated with the inception of H&M, through the father starting from Erling Persson, who laid down the foundation for this iconic empire of fashion. Lottie is the second largest shareholder in the H&M hierarchy, only after her brother Stefan Persson, whose ownership boasts 38% of the company’s shares.

Beyond her strategic investments and business acumen, Lottie Tham leads a fulfilling personal life as well. She shares the journey with Piier Ththam, who is a celebrated Swedish financial journalist; they have brought up two sons. Her union not only stands symbolic of personal fulfillment but also underscores a legacy very deeply ingrained into business and family bonding.

FAQ about Lottie Tham Net Worth

  1. What is Lottie Tham net worth?
    • Lottie Tham net worth of $4.1 billion.
  2. How did Lottie Tham amass her wealth?
    • Lottie Tham inherited a substantial portion of her wealth from her father, Erling Persson, the founder of H&M. She also holds a significant ownership stake in the fashion retail chain.
  3. What is Lottie Tham’s role in H&M?
    • Lottie Tham holds over 5% ownership in H&M, making her one of the key shareholders in the company. She plays a vital role in shaping its direction and strategy.
  4. Who is Lottie Tham’s father, and what is his connection to H&M?
    • Lottie Tham’s father is Erling Persson, the founder of H&M. His entrepreneurial vision laid the foundation for the iconic fashion empire that continues to thrive today.
  5. Does Lottie Tham have any siblings?
    • Yes, Lottie Tham has a brother named Stefan Persson, who also holds a significant ownership stake in H&M, with almost 38% of the company’s shares.
  6. What is Lottie Tham’s personal life like?
    • Lottie Tham is married to Pieter Tham, a renowned Swedish financial journalist, and together they have two sons. They enjoy a fulfilling family life alongside her business endeavors.
  7. What is Lottie Tham’s influence in Swedish business circles?
    • Lottie Tham is considered a prominent figure in Swedish business circles due to her substantial net worth, strategic investments, and significant role in H&M. Her influence extends beyond the fashion industry.

Quick Summary

  1. provides a glimpse into the life and wealth of Lottie Tham, a Swedish businesswoman and heiress. With a net worth of $4.1 billion, Tham remains a key power in the fashion retail industry, most from the stake in H&M that her father, Erling Persson, left her. Alongside her brother Stefan Persson, she ranks as one of the top shareholders in H&M. However, in her own life, amidst a strong business success, she could stand shoulder to shoulder with her husband, Pieter Tham, and their two sons, being the example for others of her legacy:



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