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Keeree Kanjanapas Net Worth

Keeree Kanjanapas
Net Worth $1..5 Billion
Birthdate 1950
Birthplace Thailand

What is Keeree Kanjanapas Net Worth?

That way, Thai tycoon Keeree Kanjanapas, who has an almost unfathomable net worth of $1.3 billion, has his capital base secured for his life’s work and has taken his position among the world’s billionaires. Most of Kanjanapas’s wealth comes from his big stake in the mass transit company BTS Group Holdings, which he founded and chairs. Over the last year, his shares in the company soared by a staggering 90%, mostly driven by ridership numbers that were going up and an elevated price for the tickets. Notably under BTS Group Holdings, it heralded the country’s first electric mass transit railway system with the groundbreaking of the BTS SkyTrain back in December 1999.

The group, going ahead, will launch an initial public offering (IPO) of an infrastructure fund amounting to $1.2 billion within the year. It, however, aims to develop new mass transit lines in Thailand and other emerging Asian areas. Alongside the interests in transportation, Kanjanapas also stands as the Chairman of the publicly listed Tanayong Public Company Limited, a company with long years of experience in property development and hospitality within Thailand, and from its proven record, this shows the diversity of businesses run by Kanjanapas.

With such a storied history in sports management, aside from many of his high-profile business ventures in mass transit and real estate within Thailand, Kanjanapas truly has had a fulfilling career. In 1970, he managed the Seiko Sports Association, one of the most eminent and the most competitive football teams through the 1970s and 1980s, based in Hong Kong. This multi-fixed career trajectory graphically illustrates Kanjanapas’s adeptness in virtually manipulating diverse industries and highlights his weighty contribution in business as well as in sports realms.

Keeree Kanjanapas

FAQ about Keeree Kanjanapas Net Worth

  1. What is Keeree Kanjanapas Net Worth?
    • Keeree Kanjanapas Net Worth of $1.3 billion, making him one of the world’s billionaires and the wealthiest individual in Thailand.
  2. How did Keeree Kanjanapas accumulate his wealth?
    • Much of Kanjanapas’s wealth comes from his substantial holdings in BTS Group Holdings, a mass transit company he founded and chairs. His shares in the company surged by 90% over the past year due to increasing ridership numbers and elevated ticket prices. Additionally, he is involved in the real estate sector through Tanayong Public Company Limited.
  3. What is BTS Group Holdings, and what role does Keeree Kanjanapas play in it?
    • BTS Group Holdings is a mass transit company responsible for introducing Thailand’s first electric mass transit railway system, the BTS SkyTrain. Keeree Kanjanapas not only founded BTS Group Holdings but also chairs the company.
  4. What are Keeree Kanjanapas’s plans for BTS Group Holdings?
    • BTS Group Holdings is set to launch a $1.2 billion initial public offering (IPO) to finance the establishment of new mass transit lines in Thailand and other Asian locales.
  5. What other business ventures is Keeree Kanjanapas involved in?
    • Apart from mass transit and real estate, Keeree Kanjanapas serves as the Chairman of Tanayong Public Company Limited, which operates in property development and hospitality in Thailand.
  6. What is Keeree Kanjanapas’s background in sports management?
    • During the 1970s and 1980s, Keeree Kanjanapas managed The Seiko Sports Association, a successful football team based in Hong Kong. This highlights his diverse career trajectory and contributions to both business and sports realms.

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Quick Summary

  1. Thai entrepreneur Keeree Kanjanapas, a transport tycoon, has seen his fortunes rise to $1.3 billion. The founder and chairman of BTS Group Holdings has watched shares at his company soar by 90%, aided by an increase in ridership and, subsequently, rising ticket prices at the company, which operates Thailand’s first electric mass transit railway system. Kanjanapas plans new transit line in $1.2 billion IPO. The investment bank leading the deal also has experience in Tanayong Public Company Ltd and has a backhand in sports management.



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