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Joe Tessitore Net Worth

Joe Tessitore Net Worth
Net Worth $5.3 Million
Birthdate Jan 1, 1971 
Birthplace Schenectady, New York, U.S.
Profession Sportscaster

What is Joe Tessitore Net Worth?

Joe Tessitore is one of the best American sportscasters, having a net worth of $5.3 million primarily from his most captivating commentary of football and boxing.

Joe Tessitore was born in Schenectady, New York, in 1971, and he had graduated from Boston College before taking up a career in broadcasting.

Before that, he worked at an NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas, WRGC in New York, and then to WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut. In the year 1997, he joined WFSB as a sports anchor. First working for ESPN in the year 2002, Tessitore’s coming on board marked the beginning of contributions that would draw attention in the sports commentating world.

He called boxing matches first on Tuesday Night Fights and Friday Night Fights before moving up to bigger things. Tessitore quickly jumped into the college football and basketball broadcasts fray. He was also an anchor of horse racing events for both ABC and ESPN, one way to ensure that he was an all-rounder talent in many domains of sports.

But Tessitore has hardly kept it just to the booth. He has worked on documentaries and scripted compelling storyjsonlines for ESPN’s critically lauded ’30 for 30′ series, even more recently, leaving his mark on the network as the host of ‘Saturday Night College Football Primetime’ games as the lead play-by-play announcer for ESPN and the College Football Playoffs. The pinnacle of his career came in 2018 and 2019, when Tessitore was assigned the prestigious assignment of play-by-play announcer for Monday Night Football, where he displayed his flair for being a strong communicator with millions of electrifying viewers. Transitioning seamlessly between sports, Tessitore diversified in 2019 to host the popular television series “Holey Moley,” which added another dimension to his multifranchise career.

Joe Tessitore Net Worth

FAQ about Joe Tessitore Net Worth

1. What is Joe Tessitore net worth?

  • Joe Tessitore net worth is estimated to be $5.3 million.

2. When and where was Joe Tessitore born?

  • Joe Tessitore was born on January 1, 1971, in Schenectady, New York, U.S.

3. What is Joe Tessitore’s profession?

  • Joe Tessitore is a sportscaster by profession.

4. What are some highlights of Joe Tessitore’s career?

  • Tessitore began his broadcasting career after graduating from Boston College and worked at various stations before joining ESPN in 2002. He has covered a wide range of sports including boxing, college football, basketball, and horse racing. He is particularly known for his work on Monday Night Football and as the host of the television series “Holey Moley.”

5. Where did Joe Tessitore start his broadcasting career?

  • Joe Tessitore began his broadcasting career at an NBC affiliate in Dallas, TX, followed by positions at WRGC in New York and WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut.

6. What notable roles has Joe Tessitore held at ESPN?

  • At ESPN, Tessitore has served as a play-by-play announcer for boxing matches, college football, and basketball broadcasts. He has also anchored horse racing events for both ABC and ESPN. Additionally, he has produced documentaries for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series.

7. What significant position did Joe Tessitore hold in 2018 and 2019?

  • In 2018 and 2019, Joe Tessitore was the lead play-by-play announcer for Monday Night Football.

8. In addition to sports commentary, what other ventures has Joe Tessitore pursued?

  • Joe Tessitore has also delved into documentary production and has hosted television series like “Holey Moley.”

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Quick Summary

  1. Joe Tessitore net worth of $5.3 million from his exciting commentary work majorly in football and boxing. Born in Schenectady, New York, on January 1, 1971, Tessitore started his career in broadcasting straight after graduation from Boston College. Before his employment with ESPN in 2002, he worked at various stations, during which time he got recognized as the premier boxing play-by-play announcer, expanding into college football and college basketball broadcasts. Tessitore’s versatility expanded into hosting horse racing events and film production in documentaries for ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. He would peak with ESPN, where he would serve as the lead play-by-play announcer of the network for Saturday Night College Football Primetime and for Monday Night Football. Tessitore would expand his career further in 2019 when he became a part of the cast of the “Holey Moley” television series as its hosts.



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