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Jimmy Jean-Louis Net Worth

Jimmy Jean-Louis Net Worth
Net Worth $3.1 Million
Birthdate Aug 8, 1968
Profession Model & Actor
Nationality Haiti

What is Jimmy Jean-Louis Net Worth?

Born in Peiton-Ville, Haiti, Jimmy Jean-Louis has collected a net worth of around $3.1 million from his acting and modeling career. He was born in the year 1968 in the month of August. He is such a great icon both in the film industry and in Hollywood.

One of the most memorable is his part of The Haitian in the critically successful TV series “Heroes,” where he starred during 2006-2010. No wonder, such an effect predetermined his role in the spin-off to this series, “Heroes Reborn,” during 2015-2016. And in 2017, he has decided to try something new, attracting the public’s eye with his role of Dr. Gregory Ruval in the series “Claws.”

Some of Jean-Louis’ television credits have included recurring roles on some of the most admired television shows in the industry, with “Arrow,” “Extant,” “The Way,” and “Juste un regard” among his credits. Other feature film work he has done on the big screen includes roles in major blockbuster titles like “Derailed,” “The Bourne Identity,” “Monster-in-Law,” “Phat Girlz,” and “Loaded. He would later show his prowess in the movies “Diary of a Tired Black Man,” “Relentless,” “One Night in Vegas,” “Doctor Bellow,” and “Joy.”

Apart from acting in films, Jean-Louis plunged into directing, producing, and even writing, all of which showed his creative talent in several ventures in celluloid. Notably, he ventured into the world of Emmanuelle TV movies in 1993, adding another dimension to his diverse portfolio. In a career full of diversity and flair, Jimmy Jean-Louis is not ready to slow down his dynamic performances that continue to captivate global audiences and further stamp his name into the list of true greats from the world of entertainment.

Jimmy Jean-Louis Net Worth

FAQ about Jimmy Jean-Louis Net Worth

1. What is Jimmy Jean-Louis Net Worth?

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis Net Worth of $3.1 million.

2. When was Jimmy Jean-Louis born?

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis was born on August 8, 1968, in Peiton-Ville, Haiti.

3. What is Jimmy Jean-Louis’ profession?

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis is a multifaceted talent, known for his work as both a model and actor.

4. What is Jimmy Jean-Louis’ nationality?

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis is of Haitian nationality, hailing from Peiton-Ville, Haiti.

5. What are some of Jimmy Jean-Louis’ notable acting roles?

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis is best known for portraying The Haitian in the television series “Heroes” from 2006 to 2010, as well as its spin-off “Heroes Reborn” from 2015 to 2016. He also captivated audiences as Dr. Gregory Ruval in the series “Claws” starting in 2017.

6. In which television shows has Jimmy Jean-Louis appeared?

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis has had recurring roles in esteemed shows such as “Arrow,” “Extant,” “The Way,” and “Juste un regard.”

7. What are some of Jimmy Jean-Louis’ notable film appearances?

  • Jimmy Jean-Louis has appeared in blockbuster hits like “Derailed,” “The Bourne Identity,” “Monster-in-Law,” “Phat Girlz,” and “Loaded,” among others. He has also showcased his versatility in films such as “Diary of a Tired Black Man,” “Relentless,” “One Night in Vegas,” “Doctor Bellow,” and “Joy.”

8. Apart from acting, what other ventures has Jimmy Jean-Louis pursued?

  • In addition to acting, Jimmy Jean-Louis has ventured into directing, producing, and writing, showcasing his creative prowess across various cinematic projects. He also ventured into the world of Emmanuelle TV movies in 1993, further diversifying his portfolio.

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Quick Summary

  1. Jimmy Jean-Louis net worth is estimated at $3.1 million, as a Haitian actor and model. He was born on 8th August 1968 in Peiton-Ville, Haiti, and that is where he has grown his career in modeling and acting. This includes The Haitian in “Heroes,” and in 2017, he was Dr. Gregory Ruval on “Claws.” Jean-Louis has also been a part of other TV shows such as “Arrow,” “Extant,” “The Way,” “Juste un regard,” and others, just like he has done in his other films that include “Derailed,” “The Bourne Identity,” “Monster-in-Law,” “Phat Girlz,” “Loaded,” among other films, and his talent does not sum up to him acting only but directing, producing, writing, increasing a creative footprint all over many cinematic projects.



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