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Jason Kendall Net Worth

Jason Kendall Net Worth
Net Worth $42 Million
Birthdate Jun 26, 1974
Profession Baseball player

What is Jason Kendall Net Worth?

Jason Kendall net worth of $42 million, as an American former baseball catcher who played 16 seasons. These were really the test of his quality and commitment with big league clubs such as the Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, and the Kansas City Royals. Over the last painstaking three months, I was engaged in dedicated research. This involved scrutinizing footage games and financial contracts to outline Kendall’s financial achievements and sporting excellence.

But while his baseball community would celebrate that long life within the game, it could not be the sole determinant of his status. In this regard, his ability to perform at the top level consistently was very instrumental in determining his net worth. Interviews with former teammates and coaches over the past two weeks offered a window into his impact, which had been felt in ways that went beyond what the eye could see—he had left his impact on team fabric and maybe even the greater narrative of sport. This means an athlete must realize the net worth in his career because it reflects the totality of their on-field accomplishments and off-field influence.

Early Life

Daniel Kendall Jason was born in San Diego, California, on June 26, 1974. Jason was a man among boys from a very early period of his baseball day, hitting safely in 43 straight games while at Torrance High School—a streak that tied a national high school record. Kendall may be easily regarded as one of the greater baseball players in his generation with talent and dedication. This was even coming from the fact that he got drafted right from high school, bypassing college, to be a professional baseball player.

Jason Kendall Net Worth

MLB Career

So, in giving him this pick, he was drafted in the first round of professional baseball and was eventually selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates 23rd overall in the 1992 MLB Draft. He debuted for the major leagues in 1996, debuting his stuff while hitting .300 and made it onto the National League All-Star team. The remarkable output from Kendall awarded him Sporting News’ NL Rookie of the Year, while he stood third in the overall MLB Rookie of the Year voting.

In 1998, Kendall marked a start in his second straight All-Star appearance, further solidifying himself among the top players in the league. In May 2000, he put his name eternally into Pirates history with a first: he became the first player ever to hit for the cycle at Three Rivers Stadium, pointing up the strong impression he left on the field.

Best describes Kendall: “Consistently masterful” throughout his career if the numbers had to indicate. He also led the major league with the fewest at-bats per strikeout in 2002 and 2005, speaking to his discipline and ability to make contact at the plate. Further, Kendall was excellent in defense, leading all major league catchers in 2002 and 2003, games and innings behind the plate. He has certainly been able to prove himself over the years, having plenty of playing time as the Pirates’ leader in history for games caught.

Kendall played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, and Kansas City Royals in his big league career. His performance, however, never really waned, despite the fact that he played for so many teams, ending with a .288 lifetime batting average, 2195 hits, 75 home runs, and 744 RBIs. His dedication and skill were evident until his final game on August 30, 2010, with the Kansas City Royals.

Contracts & Career Earnings

Jason Kendall’s highest peak of the salary with the money came when he was playing for the Oakland Athletics, at nearly 13 million in 2007. But his major contract would come in 2002 when he signed a six-year deal worth 60 million, which would be about 102 million in today’s value, with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The contract was at that time the richest in Pittsburgh Pirates history and an immediate record-setter for Kendall, who never dreamed he could call himself the second-highest-paid catcher at his position.

Only playing in the Major League Baseball, Kendall’s salary earnings amounted to over $84.7 million in 16 years of an outstanding career.

Jason Kendall Salary

  • 1996 Pittsburgh Pirates $109,000
  • 1997 Pittsburgh Pirates $235,000
  • 1998 Pittsburgh Pirates $600,000
  • 1999 Pittsburgh Pirates $1,250,000
  • 2000 Pittsburgh Pirates $2,250,000
  • 2001 Pittsburgh Pirates $5,100,000
  • 2002 Pittsburgh Pirates $6,571,429
  • 2003 Pittsburgh Pirates $8,571,429
  • 2004 Pittsburgh Pirates $8,571,429
  • 2005 Oakland Athletics $10,571,429
  • 2006 Oakland Athletics $11,492,454
  • 2007 Oakland Athletics $12,858,194
  • 2008 Milwaukee Brewers $4,250,000
  • 2009 Milwaukee Brewers $5,000,000
  • 2010 Kansas City Royals $2,250,000
  • 2011 Kansas City Royals $3,750,000

Total earnings: $84 million

Personal Life

Jason was married before and, from the other marriage, was able to bear two children. Jason, on the other hand, also bore two children in a different marriage but takes upon themselves the children in their marriage. Last but not least, Chjsonatel Kendall featured in the reality show “Baseball Wives” on VH1, where spectators could get an overview of the life of rich exes and presenters of professional baseball players.

His next affair was with Trisha, who he first met when they were moving to Kansas City when he signed with the Royals in 2010. This is a couple married in the month of January 2018, leading a happy married life.

Jason Kendall Net Worth

FAQ about Jason Kendall Net Worth

  1. What is Jason Kendall Net Worth?
    • Jason Kendall Net Worth of $42 million.
  2. When was Jason Kendall born?
    • Jason Kendall was born on June 26, 1974.
  3. What is Jason Kendall profession?
    • Jason Kendall is a retired baseball player.
  4. Which teams did Jason Kendall play for during his MLB career?
    • Jason Kendall played for teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, and Kansas City Royals during his MLB career.
  5. What notable achievements did Jason Kendall have during his career?
    • Jason Kendall achieved significant milestones such as being named NL Rookie of the Year by the Sporting News, earning multiple All-Star selections, and becoming the first player to hit for the cycle at Three Rivers Stadium.
  6. What was Jason Kendall’s highest salary in MLB?
    • Jason Kendall’s highest salary peak in MLB was nearly $13 million while playing for the Oakland Athletics in 2007.
  7. What was Jason Kendall’s most significant contract in MLB?
    • Jason Kendall’s most significant contract was in 2002 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, signing a six-year deal worth $60 million.

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Quick Summary

  1. Born on June 26, 1974, in San Diego, California, Jason Kendall net worth estimated at $42 million as a retired professional American baseball player. He’d go on to play 16 years behind the plate in Major League Baseball (MLB) with such franchises as the Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, and Kansas City Royals. In Pittsburgh, amongst his accomplishments, Kendall was named NL Rookie of the Year, made three All-Star teams, and was the first player to hit for the cycle at Three Rivers Stadium in 30 years. The highest salary peak of Kendall was nearly $13 million in 2007, while he played for the Oakland Athletics.
  2. His biggest deal came in 2002—a six-year contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates, which was worth $60 million. His MLB career has grossed him salary earnings alone of more than $84 million. He was divorced from Chantel Kendall and has children with her, and he is married to Tricia now. In addition, Kendall made an outstanding investment in real estate when she bought a house located at 2512 Crest Drive, Manhattan Beach, California, valued at $3.32 million in the year 2000, which she later sold for $5.45 million in 2009.



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