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Douglas Jemal Net Worth

Douglas Jemal Net Worth
Net Worth $160 Million
Profession Real estate developer
Nationality United States Of America

What is Douglas Jemal Net Worth?

Douglas Jemal net worth of $160 million as an American entrepreneur. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. His treks toward wealth started with an entry venture into retail, which was a small store located on 7th Street, NW. Gradually, Jemal expanded his business to the field of electronic business and music. By the 1980s, he was one of the country’s most successful chains in retailing electronics. He also at the same time dabbled in the real estate business, marking his entry with the acquisition of his first tract at 425 7th Street, NW in the year 1981.

He assumed the role of President at Douglas Development and became an influential head in the commercial real estate market in Washington D.C.

This success was derivative from the ability to maintain the historic architecture and then transition these properties into vital, vibrant retail, office, or residential space. He remains intricately involved in the design and construction, leasing process, and property management of all his properties, continuing to push forward the traditions for quality and innovation. In 2014, the company of Douglas Development Corp undertook a very ambitious project; a new life for the old industrial property on New York Avenue NE, urging the economic development of the region. Doug Jemal, known for his bold and uncompromising way of acting, gained confidence with every succeeding accomplishment. At 71, he is showing no signs or plans to slow down. Currently, he is participating in active participation in the Downtown Developers’ Roundtable, which gives input on economic and development issues facing Washington, DC.

Douglas Jemal Net Worth

FAQ about Douglas Jemal Net Worth

  1. What is Douglas Jemal Net Worth?
    • Douglas Jemal Net Worth of $160 million.
  2. What is Douglas Jemal’s profession?
    • He is a real estate developer.
  3. Where is Douglas Jemal from?
    • Douglas Jemal hails from Brooklyn, New York.
  4. How did Douglas Jemal accumulate his wealth?
    • His journey to wealth began with a small retail venture on 7th Street, NW, gradually expanding into electronics and music businesses. By 1980, he had established a successful retail electronics chain. He then ventured into real estate, further growing his wealth.
  5. What is Douglas Jemal’s involvement in real estate?
    • Douglas Jemal assumed the role of president at Douglas Development, emerging as a prominent figure in Washington D.C.’s commercial real estate sector. He is known for his unique ability to preserve historic architecture while revitalizing properties into thriving retail, office, or residential spaces.
  6. Can you provide an example of one of Douglas Jemal’s real estate projects?
    • In 2014, Douglas Development Corp. initiated a significant project to rejuvenate an aging industrial property on New York Avenue NE, aiming to spur economic growth in the area.
  7. How does Douglas Jemal contribute to the Washington, DC community?
    • Apart from his professional endeavors, Douglas Jemal is deeply committed to philanthropy. He channels his resources to benefit various organizations in the Washington, DC community, including the Children’s Hospital, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and others.
  8. Is Douglas Jemal involved in any community development initiatives?
    • Yes, he actively participates in the Downtown Developers’ Roundtable, providing expertise and insights into critical economic and developmental matters concerning Washington, DC.
  9. At what age did Douglas Jemal turn 71?
    • Douglas Jemal turned 71 in the year 2014.
  10. Does Douglas Jemal plan to slow down despite his age?
    • Despite turning 71, Douglas Jemal displayed no intentions of slowing down, continuing to pursue his ventures with enthusiasm and vigor.

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Quick Summary 

  1. Douglas Jemal is an American real estate developer doing business in the line. He is estimated to have a net worth of around $160 million. Jemal, a native of Brooklyn, began following in his entrepreneurial parents’ footsteps by starting a little retail business. By 1980, he had expanded into electronics and music, and founded one of the most successful chains of retail electronics. Jemal switched to real estate in 1981 and became noted for his agility in preserving old architecture, making the property relevant and thriving. He is a hands-on man applying in his projects, focusing on all the angles that may have any meaning to quality and innovation. His company undertook a major rejuvenation of an aging industrial property in 2014 to bolster economic growth. Even though he was 71 years old at that time, Jemal has still been staying active on the issues of development in Washington, DC. Beyond professional work, Jemal has an extremely strong philanthropic commitment and supports a number of charitable causes within Washington, DC.



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