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David Threlfall Net Worth

David Threlfall Net Worth
Net Worth $8.5 Million
Birthdate Oct 12, 1953
Profession Actor & Presenter
Nationality United Kingdom

What is David Threlfall Net Worth?

David Threlfall, regarded as one of the best English actors with great versatility in film, television, and stage, has been estimated to have a net worth of $8.5 million. He became most famous, which is recognized in the whole world, from the hit series “Shameless,” where he played the role of Frank Gallagher. Notably, he also turned his hand to some directing, having directed several episodes of the same show. Threlfall’s talent further was shown in his depiction of Tommy Cooper in the ITV biopic “Not like that, like this.”

Born into a working-class family in Burnage, Manchester in 1953, Threlfall started his journey into the arts from very humble beginnings. His early education took him to art college in Sheffield, but he stayed for only a year before he moved to the Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama, from which he graduated a few years later.

On the small screen, his acting career has seen guises as varied as “Nightingales,” “Men of the World,” “Cutting It,” “The Knock,” “CI5: The New Professionals,” “Spooks,” and, of course, “Shameless. He has left an indelible mark on stage with roles in productions as diverse as Riddley Walker, Oedipus, Macbeth, Your Home In The West, and Peer Gynt.

Another feather in his cap, Threlfall has secured the role of Noah in the latest BBC biblical drama “The Ark,” currently filming in Morocco. At home, Threlfall seems to have life pretty sewn up. He married Bosnian actress Brana Bajic in 1995, and they have two children. On the set of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” set at Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, 1994, he and his future wife began their love story.

David Threlfall Net Worth

FAQ about David Threlfall Net Worth

  1. What is David Threlfall net worth?
    • David Threlfall net worth is estimated to be $8.5 million.
  2. What is David Threlfall best known for?
    • Threlfall is renowned for his portrayal of Frank Gallagher in the TV series “Shameless.”
  3. Has David Threlfall directed any episodes of “Shameless”?
    • Yes, he has directed several episodes of “Shameless.”
  4. What other notable role did David Threlfall play besides Frank Gallagher?
    • Threlfall received acclaim for his depiction of Tommy Cooper in the ITV biopic “Not Like That, Like This.”
  5. Where was David Threlfall born and raised?
    • Threlfall was born in Burnage, Manchester, and grew up in a working-class family.
  6. What is David Threlfall’s educational background?
    • He attended art college in Sheffield before graduating from Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama.
  7. What are some of David Threlfall’s notable television appearances?
    • Threlfall has appeared in series such as “Nightingales,” “Men of the World,” “Cutting It,” “The Knock,” “CI5: The New Professionals,” “Spooks,” and more.
  8. What stage productions has David Threlfall been involved in?
    • Threlfall has performed in plays like “Riddley Walker,” “Oedipus,” “Macbeth,” “Your Home In The West,” and “Peer Gynt.”
  9. What recent role has David Threlfall secured?
    • Threlfall will be playing Noah in the upcoming BBC biblical drama “The Ark,” currently filming in Morocco.
  10. Who is David Threlfall married to?
    • Threlfall is married to Bosnian actress Brana Bajic, whom he met while working on “The Count of Monte Cristo” in 1994. They have two children together.

Quick Summary

  1. It’s the English actor speaking in a nutshell about his career and private life, which found his spot in the industry. Threlfall found fame as Frank Gallagher in “Shameless” and has also turned his experienced hand to directing. He has also won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Tommy Cooper in the ITV biopic “Not Like That, Like This.” Born in 1953 in Burnage, Manchester, Threlfall pursued acting after completing his school from the Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama. His acting career spans various television series and standout performances on the stage. He features at present in the biblical drama “The Ark” by BBC, but the filming is in Morocco. Threlfall has been married to Bosnian actress Brana Bajic since 1995; the couple has two children. The two fell in love when they co-starred in “The Count of Monte Cristo” at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester in 1994.



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