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Daryl Katz Net Worth

Daryl Katz Net Worth
Net Worth $3.6 Billion
Birthdate May 31, 1961
Profession Lawyer & Businessperson
Nationality Canada

What is Daryl Katz Net Worth?

Daryl Katz is a billionaire entrepreneur from Canada. He is worth $3.6 billion. Most of his wealth has come while serving at the position of chairman and CEO at The Katz Group, besides other interests in the pharmaceutical retail industry in the country. Katz was the owner of Meditrust Pharmacy Inc., the only mail-order pharmacy business in the country, and owner of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, on May 31, 1961, Katz has a reputation that precedes him in the business and sports world.

In his further years of education, Katz was admitted to the University of Alberta, from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree. His Doctor of Jurisprudence also came from there. Notably, he took over ownership of Edmonton Oilers in 2008 after suffering a couple of refusals from his acquisition of the team. He is married to Renee Gouin and lives with her in their grand Edmonton home that covers some 25,000 square feet. Besides his pharmaceutical empire and interests in sports, Katz was also known for bringing him into the limelight as one of Canada’s richest people in ownership of four major sports franchises.

Daryl Katz Net Worth

FAQ about Daryl Katz Net Worth

  1. What is Daryl Katz Net Worth?
    • Daryl Katz Net Worth is reported to be $3.6 billion.
  2. How did Daryl Katz amass his wealth?
    • Katz’s wealth primarily comes from his roles as the chairman and CEO of The Katz Group, a significant player in Canada’s pharmaceutical retail sector. He also owns Meditrust Pharmacy Inc., the country’s sole mail-order pharmacy business, and the Edmonton Oilers hockey team.
  3. Where was Daryl Katz born?
    • Daryl Katz was born on May 31, 1961, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  4. What is Daryl Katz’s educational background?
    • Katz attended the University of Alberta, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree followed by a Doctor of Jurisprudence.
  5. When did Daryl Katz acquire ownership of the Edmonton Oilers?
    • Daryl Katz acquired ownership of the Edmonton Oilers in 2008, overcoming multiple rejections in his pursuit of the team.
  6. Who is Daryl Katz married to?
    • Daryl Katz is married to Renee Gouin.
  7. Where does Daryl Katz reside?
    • Daryl Katz resides in a large mansion in Edmonton, Alberta, estimated to span 25,000 square feet.
  8. Apart from his pharmaceutical and sports interests, what else is Daryl Katz known for?
    • Daryl Katz is recognized as one of Canada’s wealthiest individuals and holds ownership stakes in four sports franchises, further solidifying his status as a prominent figure in business and sports.

Quick Summary

  1. Entrepreneur from Canada, Daryl Katz, who is having a net worth of $3.6 billion, and he is the chairman and CEO of The Katz Group, one of the major companies in the pharmaceutical retail sector in Canada. Another owned firm is Katz’s only mail-order pharmacy in the country, Meditrust Pharmacy Inc. Besides, he is also the owner of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. Born on May 31, 1961, in Edmonton, Alberta, Katz is famous for being both a business genius and a sports investor. He graduated from the University of Alberta. He also never rested until he eventually owned the Edmonton Oilers, which he finally realized in 2008. Katz is married to Renee Gouin, and they live in their gigantic mansion in Edmonton. Outside of all those business ventures, he is the owner of four sports franchises in his country to prove that indeed, he is one of the richest people in Canada.



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