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Brad Thor Net Worth

Brad Thor Net Worth
Net Worth $8.5 Million
Birthdate 1969
Profession Author & Novelist
Nationality United States of America

What is Brad Thor Net Worth?

Brad Thor is a famous American author and his estimated net worth is counted to be $8.5 million. Born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1969, Thor has made a very respected place for himself in the literary world with his electrifying, thrilling bestsellers. His novel “The Last Patriot” was nominated for Thriller of the Year by the International Thriller Writers Association, as though it were a preordained path to be a master of the genre. There he improved his skills in the University of Southern California, where he studied creative writing and laid the foundation for his further career.

Thor made his thrilling fiction debut in 2002 with the national bestseller “The Lions of Lucerne,” capturing the interest of readers who thrive on his intense, high-stakes, action-packed storytelling and sophisticated “ticking time bomb” plots that are his signature. He has authored many other thrilling titles, among them, “Path of the Assassin,” “State of the Union,” “Blowback,” “Takedown,” “The First Commandment,” “The Last Patriot,” “The Apostle,” “Foreign Influence,” “Full Black,” “Black List,” “Hidden Order,” “Act of War,” “Code of Conduct,” and “The Athena Project.” In addition to the mentioned novels, his literary moved even a short story he authored, “The Athens Solution,” to move into James Patterson’s anthology “Thriller.”

Most notably, Thor’s novel “Blowback” had been lauded by National Public Radio readers, who voted it as one of the 100 Best Ever Killer Thrillers. Besides his writing, Thor has taken his creative talents to the screen and created, produced, wrote, and hosted the television series “Traveling Lite,” showing his ability to work in many genres on many different outlets.

Brad Thor Net Worth

FAQ about Brad Thor Net Worth

  1. What is Brad Thor net worth?
    • Brad Thor net worth is $8.5 million.
  2. When was Brad Thor born?
    • Brad Thor was born in 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  3. What is Brad Thor’s profession?
    • Brad Thor is an author and novelist known for his thrilling works.
  4. What are some notable works by Brad Thor?
    • Some of Brad Thor’s notable works include “The Last Patriot,” “The Lions of Lucerne,” “Blowback,” “Takedown,” and “Hidden Order.”
  5. Has Brad Thor received any awards or nominations?
    • Yes, Brad Thor’s novel “The Last Patriot” was nominated for Best Thriller of the Year by the International Thriller Writers Association.
  6. Where did Brad Thor study creative writing?
    • Brad Thor studied creative writing at the University of Southern California.
  7. What contributions has Brad Thor made outside of novels?
    • Brad Thor has contributed a short story titled “The Athens Solution” to James Patterson’s anthology “Thriller.” Additionally, he has created, produced, written, and hosted the television series “Traveling Lite.”
  8. Which Brad Thor novel received acclaim from National Public Radio listeners?
    • Brad Thor’s novel “Blowback” was voted as one of the 100 Best Ever Killer Thrillers by National Public Radio listeners.

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Quick Summary

  1. Brad Thor net worth, birthdate, and profession as an American author and novelist. The estimated net worth of Brad Thor is $8.5 million. Thor, born in 1969, is a native of Chicago, Illinois, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning American author known for his great political and espionage thriller novels, including “The Last Patriot,” which was nominated for Best Thriller of the Year. He went on to creative writing study at the University of Southern California, where afterwards he actually took up a literary profession, starting with “The Lions of Lucerne” in 2002. Thor has written several other novels and even contributed a novella to James Patterson’s “Thriller.” One of his novels, “Blowback,” was actually voted one of the “100 Best Ever Killer Thrillers” by National Public Radio listeners. Additionally, Thor has been able to express his creativity on television through the creation, production, writing, and hosting of the “Traveling Lite” show.



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