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Andre Tanneberger Net Worth

Andre Tanneberger Net Worth
Net Worth $12.2 Million
Birthplace Freiberg
Profession Disc jockey & Record producer
Nationality Germany

What is Andre Tanneberger Net Worth?

Andre Tanneberger, a German DJ, musician, and producer, boasts a considerable net worth of $12.2 million. Born in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany, Tanneberger’s journey into the world of music began with regular visits to a local club where he immersed himself in the sounds of various DJs. Motivated by this experience, he embarked on his musical experimentation in 1992.

Initially, Tanneberger found himself contributing to the electronic music scene as part of the group Sequential One during the early 1990s. The group gained traction and popularity over the years but eventually parted ways in 1999.

Undeterred, Tanneberger launched his solo endeavor under the moniker ATB. His debut album, “Movin’ Melodies,” introduced his distinctive sound to the world, featuring the breakout single “9 pm (Till I Come).” This track not only became a chart-topper but also earned the distinction of being one of the pioneering tracks in the trance genre to achieve such success.

Since his initial breakthrough, Tanneberger has continued to captivate audiences with his music, releasing a total of eight albums. Among these are notable titles such as “Two Worlds,” “Dedicated,” “Addicted to Music,” “No Silence,” “Trilogy,” “Future Memories,” and “Distant Earth.” Furthermore, he maintains an active touring schedule, ensuring his fans can experience his music live.

Andre Tanneberger Net Worth

FAQ about Andre Tanneberger Net Worth

  1. What is Andre Tanneberger net worth?
    • Andre Tanneberger net worth of $12.2 million.
  2. Where was Andre Tanneberger born?
    • Andre Tanneberger was born in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany.
  3. What is Andre Tanneberger’s profession?
    • Andre Tanneberger is a disc jockey (DJ) and record producer.
  4. What nationality is Andre Tanneberger?
    • Andre Tanneberger is of German nationality.
  5. When did Andre Tanneberger begin his musical career?
    • Andre Tanneberger started experimenting with music in 1992 after being inspired by local DJs.
  6. Was Andre Tanneberger part of any musical groups before his solo career?
    • Yes, Andre Tanneberger was initially part of the electronic music group Sequential One during the early 1990s.
  7. What was the breakthrough single from Andre Tanneberger’s debut album?
    • The breakout single from his debut album “Movin’ Melodies” was “9 pm (Till I Come).”
  8. How many albums has Andre Tanneberger released?
    • Andre Tanneberger has released a total of eight albums, including “Two Worlds,” “Dedicated,” and “Distant Earth.”
  9. What is Andre Tanneberger’s touring schedule like?
    • He maintains an active touring schedule, ensuring that fans have the opportunity to experience his music live.
  10. What are some notable achievements in Andre Tanneberger’s career?
    • He is widely recognized for his pioneering contributions to the trance genre, particularly with his hit single “9 pm (Till I Come).”

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Quick Summary

  1. Andre Tanneberger, known as ATB, boasts a net worth of $12.2 million as a German DJ, musician, and producer. Hailing from Freiberg, Saxony, Germany, his musical journey began in local clubs. Initially part of Sequential One, he later pursued a successful solo career. His debut album “Movin’ Melodies” featuring “9 pm (Till I Come)” marked his breakthrough in the trance genre. Tanneberger has released eight albums, including “Two Worlds” and “Distant Earth,” captivating audiences worldwide. He maintains an active touring schedule, ensuring fans can experience his music live.



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